About Us

CST is an independent dietitian practice, founded in 2012 by Linda Frost. The practice is distinguished by the fact that every dietician has its own specializations so that they can work in a very specialized way, in addition to being all-round.

Nutritional Advice

Looking for professional nutritional advice? Nutrition + Advice offers individual guidance in the region. Registered dietitians with knowledge and experience in the field.

Personal Care

With each their own specialization, the dietitians of Nutrition + Advice treat a wide range of health complaints. We always strive for the best results, the right care and personal attention. 

Fitness & Dietary

Nutrition + Advice is specialized in the following subjects:

Stomach, intestinal, liver problems 

Child nutrition and dietetics Sport nutrition and dietetics 

Matched to you in under 24 hours.

Providing Doctor Approved Medicines & Health Supplements At Affordable Prices

Through post-HBO training, continuing education and practical experience, we have specialized in stomach and bowel problems (in particular celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome and the FODMAP diet), sports nutrition, infant nutrition and nutrition before / during / after cancer treatment.

  • Medicine and Vitamins
  • Diet & Fitness
  • Wellness & Self Care
Who We Are

Our Experts

Sharron Wisely

Sharron Wisely


I have a lot of experience with  celiac disease and gluten sensitivity because I have celiac disease from the age of five and therefore know better than anyone what it is like to live with a strict (gluten-free) diet.

Linda Frost<br />

Linda Frost<br />


I know from experience what nutrition can mean. I myself have an irritable bowel and know better than anyone how my clients feel. Wherever you go, I find it valuable to guide you as a client and to motivate you towards a healthy diet.

Brandon Haser

Brandon Haser


Whether it is about creating a healthy diet and lifestyle or as a contribution to your sporting performance; a lot can be gained from food. It is my passion to help you achieve that and to achieve your (sporting) goal




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M-F: 8am – 5pm
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